Steffi Hußlein is a Professor Interaction Design at the Institute Industrial Design, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal in Germany. Since ten years she is head of the Master Program Interaction Design and teaching as well in BA Industrial Design Department. Twenty years of professional experience in Interaction, Product and Speculative Design in the Human-Planet Centered Design Process.

I has been a visiting professor or researcher in the UK at the Leeds College of Art (Product Design) University of Edinburgh (Research Lab: Design Informatics & Industrial Design), University of Dundee (Product Design) and in Jordanien/Amman at the German-Jordanian University GJU (Interface Design) and in China at the CDK/ Academy of Arts in Hangzhou.

At the beginning of my career I was several years in the field of Industrial Design with a handcraft education as a gold- and silversmith. Mid-nineties, since the time of gameboys, first years of mobiles and www I´m in the field of Interaction-, Interface- and Product Design. Beyond I have been a deputy professor for Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dessau at the Bauhaus.

As a researcher for Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam I established the Research Lab/ IDL for Interface Design: Eyetracking and UX Design. I worked for meta design (Service & Information Design), bvm (Game Design) and icon (Mobile Design).

I was a external PhD at the (TU) University of Technology of Berlin, ZMMS at the Center of Man-Machine Systems, Institute for Psychology and Ergonomics, but I didn't finished.
Research :: Sustainable & Speculative & Problem-solving
Designing relevant reflective LIVEABLE things, products and processes for now and the future I meaningful future-oriented Design I speculative-shapeable exploration of connected and augmented products I useful services for the daily life I in general the internet of beings I Improve the quality of life, to promote education, and justice, rather than to control and increase the imbalances.

Teaching :: Interaction Design I Product Design I Research Design I Futur Thinking I UX Planet Design // design, conception and rethinking of intuitive, emotional and formal-aesthetic things and products in environment with shapeable materials // Invent the behavoir, meaning & usability for sustainable future // eye tracking and augmented reality // including information visualisation for digital interfaces and the structure for information architecture // involving people and stakeholders in the design cycle

Mission :: Designing with imagination, empathy and curiosity for a meaningful coexistence with nature

Passion :: Rethinking Design for ambient interaction for liveable future
// Natural User Interfaces (NUI) & Tangible User Interface (TUI) // eye based Interaction and augmented reality // intuitive use of user interfaces (IUUI) // design patterns, Interaction design style guides and image schema is the search for basic design principles // I believe - the perception of user needs, cultures and behaviors, the understanding of ways of thinking and the human body with all senses, feeling emotions is a good pre-requisite in the design cycle

Domains :: Product design, IOT´s connected things & mobile, wearable, augmented interaction design // daily live & workspaces & urban mobility & privacy // medical & reha & health // gaming & learning // tangible & movements

Industry collaborations :: Atotech/TOTAL, Bosch Rexroth, Designworks - BMW Group, carmeq Berlin, DLR German Aerospace Center, ergosign Berlin, envis precisely GmbH, Fraunhofer Institut IAO, Fraunhofer Institut IFF, icon mobil, ImmoScout, Investionsbank, Miele, TELEKOM Research Labs, UBA Federal Environmental Agency Germany, UID User Interface Design, VW VOLKSWAGEN, Magna.

Leasure :: My new hobbys are mountainbiking and SU Paddling - but I´m real beginner;-) I love travelling around the world/ to track down human relationships/ I like to work in inspiring Design communities and invent user interfaces/ my family and all the best friends/ the freedom in the nature and mostly my busy hometown Berlin.

what I do

2022 +
Prof. Interaction Design
// Institut Industrial Design, IWID, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg -Stendal
2011 + Head of Master Interaction Design
2011 + Teaching MA Interaction Design & BA Industrial Design
2016 + Teaching cooperation with Institut für Simulation und Graphik, Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg
2013-2016 Member Faculty Council IWID
2012-2016 Deputy Head Board of Examiners for Study Program Cross Media
MY HIGHLIGHTS // pdf download    Interaction Design Group I Vimeo    Interaction Design I Master Class   

Media Bias Research Group I Collaboration
Media Bias Research Group   

Mentorin I Gründungsprojekt (EFRE)
metab I Startup Gründunger*innen-Transfer    metab I Studentisches Projekt   

Jury Mitglied I Demo I Konferenz Mensch und Computer 2020
MuC 2020   

IDZ Berlin Mitglied

2019 +
Design Research Society / Membership
Design Research Society   

2017 +
PhD Betreuung / Kooperative Promotion (EFRE)
Topic / Medical Interaction Design   

2017 +
IXDA Interaction Design Association (Berlin) / Membership

2013 - 19
GI Gesellschaft für Informatik / Membership
Research Group Member / Be-greifbare Interaktion
Be-greifbare Interaktion   

2010 +
German UPA, Usability Professionals Association / Membership
Berufsverband für User Experience und Usability Professionals   

Visiting Professor Interaction Design
// Institut Industrial Design, Fachbereich IWID, University of Sciences Magdeburg -Stendal
HS Magdeburg-Stendalnstitut Industrial Design   

2008 - 10
Deputy Professor Interface Design
// University of Sciences Anhalt, Department of Design, in the historic Bauhaus
Department of Design, Dessau    IFD Blog (2010)    Interaktive Plakate/ BA (2010)   

Visiting Professor Interface Design
// New Media and Visual Communication, CDK Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, China [three times four weeks]
CDK Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, China   

Senior Mobil Designer
// iconmobile Berlin
icon mobile   

Research Information Sciences
// FH Potsdam, degree program information sciences
Informationswissenschaften, Potsdam   

2007 +
Doctoral Student Dr.-Ing.
// Technische Universität Berlin, Prof. Dr. Matthias Rötting (resting)
TU Berlin / MMS   

2007 +
IUUI Membership & Founder // Intuitive Use of User Interfaces
Interdisciplinary research group, Berlin

// Game Design, Design Methods, Design History
Games Academy   

2004 - 07
Founder Research Lab - IDL Interaction Design Lab
// Fachhochschule Potsdam, degree program interface design
IDL Interaction Design Lab / Mitgründerin   

2002 - 07
Research Interface Design
// Fachhochschule Potsdam, degree program interface design
Interface Design, Potsdam   

Diplom Industrial Design
// ID5 Projectgroup: Interactive Systems
// Prof. Burkhard Schmitz, UdK Universität der Künste Berlin
// Degree: 1,2 (very good)
Universität der Künste, Berlin / ID5 Interaktive Systeme   

1997 - 02
Game Design and Unit Director
// Serious Production - bvm (bytes.vibes.minds), Berlin
Games, Educational Software and Internet portals

Information & Mobile Design
// meta design berlin
meta design    real meta   

1995 - 97
Independent Design Professional

// 2 x two weeks workshops "Augenblicke" & "Campus Innenhof Gestaltung", 3.-4. Sem. Industrial Design, Hochschule Hildesheim

Industrial Design
// Formfürsorge Hannover
Formfürsorge, Hannover   

1991 - 92
// Escola Massana, Academy of Art, Barcelona, Spanien
Escola Massana, Barcelona   

Diplom Industrial Design
// Hochschule Hildesheim
// Degree: 1,2 (very good)
HS Hildesheim